Custom Collaboration Communities
Next Generation Enterprise & Social Collaboration
YouFig offers a rich set of features for community owners to manage their own communities and for members to collaborate and network.
Crystal clear design & comfortable usability along with a broad set features mean you have complete control over each aspect of your community, from privacy to personalization. So your community members can stay focused and productive while having fun collaborating.
Community Owners
Your community's confidential data is safe with YouFig's SSL, data encryption, firewalls, and other strict security measures.
Community Management
You decide how exclusive your community will be and what rights & privileges each community member will have.

Set Access
Access your community from your own domain (e.g., or a subdomain on YouFig (e.g.,

Control Registration
Private Registration: Limit registrations only to people with specific email addresses (e.g.,,

Invite-only Registration: Let your community grow organically by allowing members to invite their friends and colleagues to collaborate. Revoke or limit invitation privileges as needed.

Open Registration: Create a community that's open to everyone.

Choose Widget Packs
Select the widget packs that will be available to your community based on your community's needs (e.g., productivity, pictures & video, maps & travel, fun & games, etc.) and gain immediate access to new releases of collaboration widgets for your community.
24-7 Support
Email or phone, you choose. We'll be on the other end to assist you whenever you need help with your community.
Member Management
Manage Accounts
Suspend, close or delete user accounts as needed.

Manage Workgroups
Create public or private workgroups (useful for departments, customer, classes, teams, etc.) for easy workspace and member management.

Manage Workspaces
Decide who can collaborate and what degree of freedom members will have in modifying information in Workspaces.
Manage Look & Feel
Easily customize your community's user interface to match that of your organization's by adding logos, texts, custom style sheets, and more. Your community members will think they're using your platform, not YouFig's!

Manage Categories
Create custom categories for your community. Categories are convenient for searching, browsing and finding users and Workspaces within the community.
Performance & Reliability
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited storage for documents, files, videos, pictures or whatever your community members fancy!

Guaranteed Uptime
Never worry about your community and Workspaces being unavailable.

Workspace data is continuously backed up to make sure your information stays safe.

Nothing to Download
Access your community data from anywhere and get continuous updates without downloading a thing!
Community Members
Collaborate in real-time, easy to use Workspaces with structured chat and an endless selection of collaboration widgets. See who's online. Start as many Workspaces for as many topics as you need and easily manage your team of collaborators.

Collaboration Widgets
Collaboration widgets are real-time collaborative applications that can be added to any workspace and include apps such as documents, spreadsheets, to-do lists, file sharing, photo sharing, maps, co-browsing, games, and many many more. Each collaboration widget is completely real-time and collaborative, so you can see what others are working on and who contributed what and when.

Create workgroups for your class, team or division.
Public Workgroups: Great for organizing groups of members and Workspaces.

Private Workgroups: Useful to seal-off sections of a community and prevent certain members from seeing and being seen (e.g., consultants, customers, outsiders, etc.).

Invitations & Requests
Invite registered community members to your Workspaces or, with the proper privileges, people from outside of the community as well. Get invited to collaborate on others' Workspaces or request to join them as a collaborator.

Get notified via email and to your dashboard when you're invited to collaborate or when one of your Workspaces are updated (e.g., new messages, new document versions, new files, new widgets, etc.). Adjust email notification type and frequency as desired.

Workspace Browsing
Browse public Workspaces to see what others in the community are collaborating on!

Recommended Workspaces
Get recommendations of Workspaces to collaborate on based on your profile and previous behavior in the community. Turn recommendations on or off.

Workspace Tagging
Tag any workspace with searchable keywords.

View all of your activity in the community in a single view on your personal dashboard.

Social Networking
Member Profiles
User profiles include a history of the public Workspaces you collaborated on, personal descriptions, categories of expertise, contact info, links to connections, profile messages, and more.

Browse Profiles
Search or browse through profiles of other community members. Invite them to collaborate in a single click.

Your Network
Request to connect to other members, get notified of incoming connection requests and manage members in your network.

Network News
Get real-time updates of what people in your network are doing, what they're collaborating on, and more.

Break the Ice
Get to know people by collaborating with them. The more you collaborate, the more you expand your network of connections.

Private Messaging
Send private messages to any community member.

Member Tagging
Tag any member with searchable keywords.

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